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 Hiring an expert in any field requires identifying the right person with the proper education, training and experience to best help represent your case.  In addition, the ability to support your case with the utmost  skill and comprehensive knowledge of the industry is critical to the success of your client.  This expert restaurant witness will help you clarify your position from an industry perspective.

The Principal

Dr. Feigenheimer holds an PhD in Business and enjoys a successful 30+ year career in Hospitality.  In addition to Expert Witness testimony, he is presently on the faculty at The Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Florida International University, teaching tomorrow's hospitality leaders. Subjects include operational liability, dram shop, employee issues and other restaurant related concerns.

Why us?

Dr. Feigenheimer has successfully served as an expert witness pertaining to such issues as operator liability, dram shop, slip and fall, employee  relations, landlord-tenant agreements, vendor disputes and other hospitality business law related issues.  Compare experts, is yours Cornell trained?   Are they presently involved in this fast paced, ever changing business and up to date on the latest issues?  Can they support your case with the real expert testimony? 

Contact an actual industry expert for your case, not some related professional.  This restaurant expert witness will employ his skills as a professor to convey your message to the Court.  Education, experience and training are all key to finding the perfect expert witness.  Call us for a free consultation and see if Dr. Feigenheimer is the right restaurant expert witness for you.

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